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​​As a valued customer, whichever option/s you chose, you will experience a continual professional HR service that takes away the pain and worry of everyday HR. With our support and regular updates, your business can carry on with day to day operations whilst knowing that your legal obligations to your employees are covered. ​​​​
Service 1 - Basics
  • Employment Contracts
  • Subcontractor Contratcs
  • Self Employment Terms

​Service 2 - Micro to Mini
  • Company Handbooks (Bespoke where required)
  • Legal Updates & Newsletters​​​​

Service 3 - Virtual HR
  • Unlimited Employment Law Advice on areas including
    • Disciplinary Advice & Guidance
    • Workplace Disputes / Grievances (including on-site support)
    • Reducing and Managing Absence (Reducing Costs and Bottom Line Profit
    • Maternity/Paternity/Parental Leave/Grandparental Leave advice
    • Termination of Contracts (Inc Redundancy, Performance, Compromise, Gross Misconduct)
  • ​Letters, Policies, Procedures & Templates

Select one or more of the services above to suit your business needs. Give Suzanne a call on 07392 752705 for a free, informal chat about which Service/S would be best suited to your HR & Employment needs.

Why EVOLVED HR Limited

  • We never make assumptions – A ‘Discovery’ consultation is essential to ensure your business recieves the right support, at the right time every step of the way. Its FREE and there’s absolutely no obligation

  • Our working relationship is based on a bespoke service aligned to your specific business needs and not a ‘one hat fits all’ approach
  • Your investment not only rewards you with an outstanding service, you also reap the benefits of an outsourced HR solution with grass roots learning and the progressive knowledge, skills and experience of two decades of growth and demonstrable success.

Evolved HR are not like other retained service providers that tie you in to lengthy contracts as we are confident that your experience with us will be a great one. ​​
Evolved HR Unlimted Employment Law Advice
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​​All of our Outsourced HR services can be accessed as ​Virtual HR & Employment Law support, a 'Needit Now '/ Flexi solution or on an Upsize, Downsize & Evolving project basis. Whichever option you need, you can be assured that the commitment, professionalism and level of expertise remains consistent.
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