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Contracts of Employment

Evolved HR Contract of Employment
A contract of employment is a legally binding agreement between an employer and an employee which may be oral and/or in writing. Many contracts are a mixture of written and oral terms. It is of course best practice to have written contracts and most employers do. However, it is not compulsory for employees to have their entire contract in written form.

​To be binding, enforceable agreements under contract law, contracts of employment do not have to be in writing. However by statute, under section 1 of the Employment Rights Act 1996, certain particulars do have to be put into writing within two months of the start of the contract. These 'written statements of employment particulars' advise the employee of the more important aspects of the terms of employment. There is no small-employer exclusion in relation to this requirement to provide a written statement.

Staff Handbooks

A  staff handbook is not a legal requirement as many of the policies therin can be written into the contract of employment. It is however advisable to consider a company handbook  as it is common for contracts of employment to contain a reference to some other document, including a staff handbook, which will contain express contractual terms together with those in the contract itself.

​The handbook is also a great reference tool as it is a single document that provides all employees with the rules, procedures and benefits of the employment and any penalites if the agreed terms are breached.
Evolved HR Staff Handbook

Legislation, Updates & Communication

As an outsourced HR provider, Evolved HR limited supports, guides and updates you every step of the way. Your policies and procedures are amended as and when legislation changes ensuring you remain legal & compliant. Communication needs are prepared, enabling you to share the changes with your teams Amendments to employemnt legislation may not have a direct impact on indivduals however there is still a requirement for employees to have access to these amendemnts. The advantage of a handbook above individual contracts in that only the handbook/referred to policy requires an amendment rather than every employee contract.
Evolve HR Updates and change

Employment Law Advice Line

Evolving HR Employment Law Advice
One of the biggest concerns expressed by small & medium sized businesses is the lack of employemnt law knowledge and knowing what can be said and done and when. It is quite common for an outsourced HR to be contacted for support 'after the horse has bolted' so to speak. Consider an employment law advice line as your safety net or as a secondary level of security (Your house insurers may request that you install an alarm or security cameras).

The advice line can support you with question types, considerations, the watch outs and decision making. Evolved HR Limited also includes on-site support for the more challenging cases as part of the retained agreement at no extra cost. 
​​All of our Outsourced HR services can be accessed as ​£99* a month, a 'Need It Now '/ Flexi solution or on a Redundancy, Growth & Change project basis. Whichever option you need, you can be assured that the commitment, professionalism and level of expertise remains consistent.
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* Based on a start up / small business types (less than 8 employees)