Right 1st Time Recruitment was Critical to my Busines

There are many circumstances in which you may need to recruit. Whichever the circumstance, getting it right 1st time will add measurable value to your business.

Some of the circumstances include
  • 1st time recruitment
  • resignation replacement
  • business growth
  • new skills required
  • ​restructure
There is a simple process you should apply.   The process, although simple, requires a small amount of planning... and a little bit of time.

It's not about what you WANT - it's about what your business NEEDS

A simple, yet effective process
  1. Identify the skills/ experiences/ knowledge/ qualifications of an 'ideal' employee. This is about 'getting it right 1st time'
  2. Advertise the role via appropriate avenues, bearing in mind social media is a recognised platform and also cost effective.
  3. Be specific on 'how to' apply - this is often a good indication of applicant’s attention to detail.
  4. Pending the number of applications, carry out a two phase sift. first against criteria and then maybe introduce a telephone screening process.
  5. Hold a formal interview or assessment process. This ensures its consistent and can be tested against any claims of discrimination.
  6. Make a formal offer, in writing and plan an induction to welcome your new candidate into the business
  7. Review and check in every week for at least four weeks​​
Evolved HR provided a 1st class, full recruitment process for my business. My new team has not only settled in very quickly, they have also improved the productivity of the whole team. There is a great buzz in the restaurant and our customers feel and see it too. I have more time too as the team require less supervision and multi-task. Overall a positive ROI (Return on Investment).
Thanks Suzanne, dinner is on us. 
Hold out for what you NEED
​​Too often we accept 75% of what we need. Hold out and remain focused on your recruitment plan. Getting it right 1st time will reap its own benefits.
Check In & Engage
You find the ideal employee and then they leave. Why? Studies show its as simple as a lack of engagement. No induction, no check in and not made to feel like part of the team. Recruitment is an investment.... Look after your people and they will look after you​​
Plan, Do, Measure, Review
Would you start a business without a plan! Planning is key to the success of right 1st time recruitment. Plan, Do (put your plan into action), Measure (have you had success), Review (is there anything you would do differently).

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* Based on a start up / small business types (less than 8 employees)